[TYPO3-project-seminars] seminars 0.6.1 - several issues

Matthias Krappitz krams at aemka.de
Sun Jun 22 10:28:53 CEST 2008

Hi Everybody,

I just made a fresh install of seminars 0.6.1 and came across some (most of 
them minor) issues, but including a non-working registration, although I 
already got an older installation of seminars (0.4.6) up and running good on 
another project:

1. You cannot finish the registration process. The user never sees the 
"thank you"-page. (plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.thankYouAfterRegistrationPID) when 
submitting the form with the registration details, the registration form is 
just re-displayed all the time with no error-messages, what makes it quite 
hard to guess what is going wrong here.

2. The seminars frontend plugin doesn't display the search input field and 
search submit button, when the option "Hide the selector widget in list 
view:" is checked but "Hide the search form in list view:" is not checked in 
the flexform. I thought these two things are seperate, but seem to be 
connected somehow, what does not make sense to me. Other way around it 
works. The selector widget is displayed, when it is not checked to be hidden 
and search is checked to be hidden in the fe-plguin.

3. The performance of seminars is quite poor in the frontend, with pages 
containing a list view, just listing 20 seminars or so and then browsing 
through them via the page browser. The database just contains 365 seminars 
with most of the records being already expired and not getting displayed in 
the list view, which is configured to only show upcoming events. Turning of 
enableConfigCheck didn't change this.

4. Just a very minor thing - there is one sentence in the documentation 
which doesn't make sense to me - maybe there are some words missing:
Chapter "Adding pages to the front end"
"3. Add another page that will be shown after a user has registered for an 
event. Put some thank-you message on the page. If you would like the event 
which the user has just registered for to display on this page, you can also 
add a Seminar Manager plug-in. The list view (like the "my events" list) 
doesn't work here, though (as the URL after completing the registration 
contains the UID of the event for the single view). Set this page to "hide 
in the menu" and its access to "show at login"."
The documentation there does not say, which type of seminare-manager plug-in 
("What should be displayed:") now has to be selected here as the list-view 
shall not be working.

I'm willing to sponsor some code work and/or analysis on issues 1. to 3. if 
someone could lead me into the right direction, where to investigate this.


Matthias Krappitz

Further Infos:
php 5.2.5, mysql 5.0.44, typo3 4.2.1, seminars 0.6.1, formidable 0.7.0, 
oelib 0.4.1, static_info_tables 2.0.9, felogin 1.0.0 from typo3 4.2.1 core 
used instead of newloginbox, dbal not installed, www.mittwald.de TYPO3 
hosting test-account, no extension or core modifications of involved 
enableConfigCheck is turned on and states no errors.
The web-site development is running at http://p101711.typo3server.info/ 
(layout more or less still missing)
One seminar record is fully configured to be registerable:
There is one frontend user right now with username: "matthias" and password: 
The organizer record assigned to the seminar record has an email address 
configured and the fe-user is fully equiped with all necessary data (name, 
Backend access can be provided for anyone willing to help.
Typoscript - I checked all pids over and over again (all seminar-related 
records are in the same sysfolder (8)):

#Seminare (Termine)
plugin.tx_seminars {
  templateFile = fileadmin/gruender/tmpl/seminars.tmpl
  showAttendanceFieldsInNotificationMail = 
  attendancesPID = 8
plugin.tx_seminars_pi1 {
  listPID = 16
  detailPID = 18
  pages = 8
  registerPID = 81
  loginPID = 84
  thankYouAfterRegistrationPID = 82
  pageToShowAfterUnregistrationPID = 83
  templateFile = fileadmin/gruender/tmpl/seminars_pi1.tmpl
  registrationEditorTemplateFile = 
  hideColumns = 
  hideFields = credit_points,eventsnextday
  listView.results_at_a_time = 20
  eventFieldsOnRegistrationPage = title,price_regular,price_special
  showRegistrationFields = 
  baseURL = http://p101711.typo3server.info/

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