[TYPO3-project-seminars] Seminars not getting indexed by indexed_search

Niels Pardon mail at niels-pardon.de
Fri Jun 13 23:47:11 CEST 2008

Hi Matthias!

Matthias Krappitz schrieb:
> Are there any plans to change this in the near future. Or are there profound 
> reasons that this will never be the case with seminars? What do you think 
> how big the effort would be to implement caching?

There are plans to make seminars cachable and indexable but 
unfortunately not in the near future. In general there are no profound 
reasons for keeping seminars a USER_INT object.

I already played around a bit with the caching of TYPO3 in combination 
with seminars but couldn't solve all issues I was facing.

As my knowledge about the TYPO3 caching is just on a low level I can't 
give an estimate on how big the effort would be to implement it.

But to speak for our development team: Any help (coding or sponsoring) 
is appreciated.

I think Oliver Klee can say more about the conditions for sponsoring 
outside this newsgroup.



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