[TYPO3-project-seminars] inserting seminar_list via ts fails

Oliver Klee typo3-german-02 at oliverklee.de
Wed Jun 11 22:43:14 CEST 2008

Hi Herbert,

Herbert Schmitz schrieb:
> lib.seminarnews{
>   what_to_display = seminar_list
>   timeframeInList = upcoming

There are three possible causes that come to my mind:

0. Please test whether the configuration check is working for that 
column at all, eg. by setting timeframeInList to "foo".

1. The TS setup isn't read at all. Please test whether setting 
what_to_display to something different (and valid) changes anything.

2. The time-frame is the problem. Please test this by setting 
timeframeInList to "all".

3. The selected pages are not correct. Please check that pages actually 
points to the system folder with the events.


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