[TYPO3-project-seminars] seminars_seminars_columns, credit_points and calendar-function

Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Thu Dec 11 07:21:13 CET 2008

Good morning Patricia

Pat schrieb:
> 1. Columns of the table tx_seminars_seminars
> I'm thinking about a php-function to fill in the seminars-data automatically, because my client already has a website with about 300 seminars and its a lot of work to fill in the data manually in the backend.
> Therefore I'm analysing the table tx_seminars_seminars. Is there any documentation about the columns of this table?
> If not, I don't understand these columns:
> - tstamp (time at generating this row?)

timestamp of last modification

> - crdate (date of change?)

create date (timestamp of when the record was initially created)

> - cruser-id (always 1?)

If you have just one backend user, yes (it's the BE user's UID)

> - Is_dummy_record (always 0?)

This is always 0 except for dummy records that are created during
automated testing (unit testing). You can ignore this column and set it
to zero for all records - it has no influence on the Seminar Manager in
"real life" business.

> 2. I didn’t find any explanation about credit_points / Leistungspunkte in the manual. Is this only a a data-field without any further influence?

I'm not sure about this - but I think they are just shown in the
frontend if some value is filled in. I've always left this field empty
and it still worked.

> 3. Filling in date and time in the backend is a little bit unconfortable in contrast to the pretty calendar-function in the plugin type “Veranstaltungs-Editor”. But unfortunately the frontend-editor doesn’t allow terms and topics. Is there any possibility, to integrate this calendar-function into the backend too…? 

Umm I don't know the "pretty calendar function" in the FE editor. But
there are several extensions around, that add a clickable calendar for
each date field in the BE. One of them is suggested by the Seminar
Manager when installing it (don't remember the extension key).


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