[TYPO3-project-seminars] seminar and sr_feuser_register

Claudio Anzolin it at anzolin.de
Wed Dec 10 22:56:12 CET 2008

Oliver Klee schrieb:
> Hi Claudio,
> Claudio Anzolin schrieb:
>> I want to use the autologin functionality. The problem is IMHO that
>> st_feuser_registration and seminar both use the piVar redirect_url.
>> So the value of this var is not consistent.
> The problem is that sr_feuser_register needs to get hacked to solve this.
> I could write a little extension that takes care of this (without having
> to hack sr_feuser_register). Would you be interested in sponsoring this?
> Best regards,
> Oliver
Hi Oliver,
I'm interested. How much should that costs? This must not necessary be 
posted here. :-)



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