[TYPO3-project-seminars] Onetimeaccount warning - FORMidable Mayday

Kim Holberg Andersen kim at crewcut.dk
Fri Dec 5 11:54:34 CET 2008

Hello Saskia,

Thanks for the suggestion, i will try it. I have filed a bug report and 
i know that Oliver Klee is looking into it. Initially and without 
jumbing to conclusions, it seems that my ext CoolURI is making the 
trouble. When i comment out CoolURI in setup, the error disapears.



Saskia Metzler wrote:
> Hello Kim,
> this FORMidable Mayday might occur due to a configuration problem which 
> is unfortunately not catched by the automatic configuration check. 
> Please check whether your configuration for registrationsListPID and 
> registrationsVipListPID is correct (on the page with the seminars plugin 
> that redirects to the onetimeaccount form). Also have a look whether 
> "what to display" is set correctly on the respective page.
> Regards
> Saskia
> Kim Holberg Andersen schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> When i push submit button in onetimeaccount i get the following
>> warining:
>> This full detail error-message is displayed because your IP(XXX) 
>> matches the TYPO3 devIPMask
>> FORMidable : Mayday
>> FORMIDABLE CORE - The given XML file 
>> ('/home/www/XXX.dk/typo3conf/ext/seminars/pi1/') isn't well-formed XML
>> Parser says : XML error: Invalid document end at line 1
>> Any good ideas to the reason for this. All data is parsed to the 
>> sysfolder correctly.
>> Regards
>> Kim Holberg Andersen

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