[TYPO3-project-seminars] Registration does not work

Matthias Schimmelpfennig mwtum at web.de
Wed Nov 21 11:40:18 CET 2007

I am trying to install the plug-in seminars 0.5.3. I have a list view of 
events and you can click on each of them to get to the detailed view. 
But as soon as a FE-user wants to register for an event the problem 
starts because the plug-in only displays the name, the standard price 
and the number of max. participants but it won't show any button to 
click on so that you can register.

The user registration is done by the extension mm_forum which has it's 
own registration from. Can this be a problem for the extension seminars?
In the manual it says that one can use which ever extension you fancy 
for the user registration. Is this really correct?

You can see my configuration at:

In the root-page I created the following sites and system folders:
	- Datenbank (PID is 184):
		here is the plugin seminars installed and configured to 			show the 
"Veranstaltungsliste" = list view??
	- Wettkampfdetails (PID is 185) (subpage of 184):
		is configured as above except it's hidden in the menu
	- Meldungen (PID is 186) (subpage of 184)
		here is the plugin seminars installed as well and 				configured to 
show the "Veranstaltungsanmeldung"
		it's also hidden in the menu
	- Erfolgreiche Meldungen (PID is 187) (subpage of 186)
		it's a user restricted page with a text massage
		only shown in case of an successful registration
		it's also hidden in the menu

system folders:
	- Wettkampfdaten (PID is 173)
		that is the overall system folder, all other folders are 		subfolders 
of this one
	- Wettkampf (PID is 176)
		here are the seminars records (Wettkämpfe) stored
		at the moment there are 2 records stored

	- Anmeldung (PID is 175)
		it's only a folder I use to structure the system folders
	- Aktuelle Anmeldungen (PID is 181) (subfolder of 175)
		here I would like to store the registrations, but it's 				always 
empty and that is what disturbs me
	- Anmeldungsarchiv 2007 (PID is 180)
		here I would like to store the former registrations from 		2007 - 
empty as well

	- Daten (PID is 174)
		it's only a folder I use to structure the system folders
	- Veranstalter (PID is 182)
		here are the organiser records (Veranstalter) stored
		at the moment there are 3 records stored
	- Orte (PID is 183)
		here are the location records (Orte) stored
		at the moment there are 5 records stored
To configure the plug-in I did not write anything into the flexforms of 
the plug-in seminars on any page I inserted it (only the starting point 
for the event records which is in my case PID=176 at least I think so) 
but added the following lines into my template setup (the values are 
also displayed by the object browser):

# seminars-plug-in wird angepasst:
plugin {
# Die 3 nötigen Template-Dateien werden hier richtig gesetzt
tx_seminars.templateFile = seminars_emails.tmpl
tx_seminars_pi1.templateFile = seminars_frontend_output.tmpl
tx_seminars_pi1.registrationEditorTemplateFile = 
# Hier werden die PIDs für das Seminar-Plugin richtig gesetzt
tx_seminars.attendancesPID = 181
tx_seminars_pi1.baseURL = http://www.touchtheclouds.de/
tx_seminars_pi1.listPID = 184
tx_seminars_pi1.detailPID = 185
tx_seminars_pi1.registerPID = 186
tx_seminars_pi1.loginPID = 169
tx_seminars_pi1.thankYouAfterRegistrationPID = 187

So if somebody could help me with the registration I would be really 
glad. Trying now for 3 days to fix this problem and re-installed the 
extension over and over again with now change in behaviour.

Matthias Schimmelpfennig

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