[TYPO3-project-seminars] template error with seminars_pi1.html

Marco Neumann Marco.Neumann at bedrijvenweb.nl
Mon Nov 5 15:23:15 CET 2007

Hi There,

In TS setup I set the Variable "template path" to
fileadmin\templates\static\pi1\seminars_pi1.html witch is the path.
While testing the module i came upon a error below:

- Configuration check warning:
The subpart LIST_HEADER is missing in the HTML template file
fileadmin\templates\static\pi1\seminars_pi1.html. If you are using a
modified HTML template, please fix it. If you are using the original
HTML template file, please file a bug report in the bug tracker.
When that is done, please empty the FE cache and reload this page.
The configuration check for this extension can be disabled in the
extension manager.

When i copy the path&file at the plugin within the forms it does not
have any problem finding it.

Is there somebody who has a suggestion?


Marco Neumann
Bedrijvenweb Nederland

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