[TYPO3-project-seminars] Seminar Manager - no lists

Philipp Stalder phs at philippstalder.com
Sun Nov 4 22:20:27 CET 2007

Hi Oliver

Thank you very much for your fast response!

I don't know if i'am understanding you right. I checked up the page template
with the "template tools">"typoScript object browser" and the "template
analyzer". Everything seems to be ok. The tx_seminars_pi1, tx_seminars_pi1
and the tx_onetimeaccount_pi1 settings are there as they are configured in
the extensiontemplate or in the basistemplate. Sorry, is this the tempalte
browser? With the ontimeaccount-plugin is the same problem. Nothing is
rendered in the sourcecode. Today i tried to reinstall both extensions. But
nothing has changed.. Could it be something with access rights or user
rights? Also is strength that i have to give "show at any login" under
"general options". Otherwise the source code of the page is only containing
the body tag with no content.

Regards and thanks



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HI Philipp,

Philipp Stalder schrieb:
> I've installed the Seminar Manager extension and included it as 
> follows: the seminars template is included in my roottemplate under 
> include static (from extensions). Also included in my roottemplate is 
> a extensionstemplate with the content you see atttached. SysFolder and 
> the FE Pages are configured as descripted in the manual. The 
> Startingpoint and the baseURL is configured by the flexforms. The 
> problem now is, that on a preview of my page containing the listview, 
> nothing is shown from the plugin. The sourcecode where i'am expecting 
> the list is empty. What i'am basically doing wrong?

Using the template browser, please have a look at the template of the page
with the list view and check whether your settings actually are visible

And does the onetimeaccount extension work (both extensions share some


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