[TYPO3-project-seminars] double registration entries

Rob De Vries spam_this at pandora.be
Wed May 16 12:44:51 CEST 2007

> Rob, do you have set of list to reproduce the problem? If so, that would
> help us a lot towards fixing it.

Hey Oliver,

As mentioned, it is an IE problem only,  it seems that IE send the 
invitation twice.

i have a website up and running at this moment, and it is an urgent issue.
So if you like, i'll send you BE login en password as well as a FE user 

imho, this is a big bug, at this time subscriptions comming in slow, but 
in a week or 2, the most subcriptions will be made on the website, 
making it very hard to undouble all registrations.

Help can be financialy compensated, as long as it isn't a total rewrite 
of the ext ;)


ps: could we further discusse any possible solutions by private mail?
tryed to call you on the phone, but you're not in.

web : http://www.rob-ot.be
skype : rob-ot
[O_o] -- Don't feed the rob-ot

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