[TYPO3-project-seminars] Removing the checkbox "needs registration"?

Oliver Klee typo3-german-01 at oliverklee.de
Fri Mar 23 12:17:58 CET 2007

Hi all,

the latest release 0.4.10 of the Seminar Manager now also uses the
maximal number of attendees (seats) to determine whether an event
requires registration:

  the checkbox "needs registration" is checked
  the event has a number > 0 in the field "maximum number of attendees
  allow registration at all

I think that having an event that does *not* require registration and
still has > 0 seats doesn't make sense.

The same vice versa: If an event requires registration but has offers 0
seats, no one can register anyway.

So it looks like we can drop the "needs registration" checkbox
altogether  and just take the number of seats to determine whether an
event requires registration or not.

Is that okay for everyone? Or are there use cases where this change will
cause problems?



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