[TYPO3-project-seminars] call to processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations($status, $table, $id, &$fieldArray, &$reference) returns error

Rina Giulivi rina at eeos.biz
Tue Mar 6 18:12:38 CET 2007

Dear friends,

we are having a problem:

when we try to create a new seminar on one installation, it returns the
following error.

caller  t3lib_DB::exec_SELECTquery
ERROR   Unknown column 'NEW45ed9d593b018' in 'where clause'
lastBuiltQuery  SELECT *
FROM tx_seminars_seminars
debug_backtrace sc_alt_doc->processdata // t3lib_tcemain->process_datamap //
tx_seminars_tcemainprocdm->processdatamap_afterdatabaseoperations //
t3lib_db->exec_selectquery // t3lib_db->debug

apparently, the error is due to the call to the function 

processDatamap_afterDatabaseOperations($status, $table, $id, &$fieldArray,

because the id passed is wrongly calculated.

we did some debugging, and the value of id passed on to the function is very
weird indeed (id = NEW45ed9d593b018).

we have been able to replicate the error consistently.

any clue?

eeos communications

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