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Sun Jun 24 20:20:05 CEST 2007

- Change: Hide the time slots from BE for the 0.5.0 branch (#866)
- Fix: On the confirmation page, the selected price and the payment
method are not displayed (#893)
- Fix: redirect_url is wrong when used with realUrl, initial patch by
Sinian Zhang (#894)
- Feature: Add a headline to the registration form: "Registration form:
step x of y" (#830)
- Fix: FORMidable mayday message on page 2 of the registration form (#891)
- Change: The terms checkbox now isn't required anymore for the two-step
registration form (#374)
- Fix: mod2: some member variables are used, but not declared (#889)
- Change: Split mod2/index.php to several classes (#888)
- Change: Allow to send e-mails as ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8 (#881)
- Change: Move the checkboxes, the lodging options and the food options
to the first registration page (#564)
- Fix: Ensure TYPO3 3.8.1 compatibility (#857)
- Feature: Add the up/down buttons for the list of events in mod2 (#607)
- Fix: Make the registration page CSS cross-browser compatible (#823)
- Fix: In e-mails, enclose the URL with <> (#867)
- Feature: Add hide/unhide buttons to the event list in mod2 (#626)
- Change: Added all necessary fields to the FE event-editor (#524)
- Fix: On the confirmation page, the label "Phone:" for the FE user
address is displayed even if the phone number is empty and the e-mail is
never displayed (#860)
- Feature: Automatic logout after registration if the FE user is using a
one-time account (#807)
- Feature: Add time slots to the seminar records (BE) (#775)
- Change: Update the Dutch localization, patch by Kees van der Hall (#274)
- Change: Allow to set the path to the HTML template for the
registration form and the event editor via TS setup (#522)
- Change: Make TYPO3 3.8 required (#855)
- Feature: Prepare everything for the integration of timeslots (BE) (#633)
- Feature: mod2: Show the UID as title of the record icon (#730)
- Feature: Mod2: Add the event's date in the list of registrations (#622)
- Change: Remove any literal DB table names from mod2 (#653)
- Change: Don't display the "CSV-export of events" if there are no event
records on the current page (#655)
- Change: mod2: use maximum title lenth from be user profile (#849)
- Change: Don't show "will be announced" for the date of topic records
- Change: Put the CSV export icons to the left of the number of
attendees (#848)
- Change: Mod2: split the long line for the tables (#639)
- Change: In the mod2 list of events, right-align the column with the
numbers of attendees (current, min and max) and enough_attendees/is_full
- Change: Mod2: Move the icons to just after the event's title and date
- Change: Make the tables not have a fixed width (#621)
- Feature: In the mod2 lists, show the record icons (#606)
- Change: Disallow data records on non-sysfolder pages and only display
the "create new record" link if the current page is a sysfolder (#654)
- Fix: Billing address not displayed on the second registration page (#836)
- Change: Use a drop-down list for the number of seats and the number of
kids (#785)
- Change: Adapt to FORMidable 0.7.0 (#456)
- Feature: Add a hook to the single view (#793)
- Fix: Some BE icons have the wrong sizes (#721), patch by Simon Harhues
- Change: Change the German record type label "Veranstaltungsreihe:
Datum" to "Veranstaltungsreihe: Termin" (#595), patch by Simon Harhues
- Change: Switch the registration form from the default form renderer to
HTML templates (#474)
- Fix: Remove mod2/clear.gif (#642)
- Fix: Remove all static calls to t3lib_pageSelect::enableFields() (#764)
- Fix: Mod2: event list is displayed although the user is not allowed to
access them (#637)
- Feature: Check for overlapping events on registration (#762)
- Feature: Add tx_seminars_place and tx_seminars_placebag classes (#767)
- Change: Put some of the date- and time methods into a separate class
- Change: Make more fields in the BE excludefields (#759, #810), second
patch by Stefan Galinski
- Change: Add labels "telephone" and "E-mail address" on the second
registration page and in the thank-you e-mail (#755)
- Change: Allow up to 9999 vacancies (#756)
- Change: When prefilling the country field, also use
static_info_country from fe_users (#754)
- Change: Improve the list view formatting (#753)
- Feature: Remember the selected payment data (#750)
- Fix: Billing address and registration data are not displayed on the
second step of the registration process (#752)
- Fix: TypoScript configuration doesn't exist in
class.tx_seminars_tcemain.php (#733)
- Change: Include the additional times and places into the thank-you
e-mail (#722)
- Fix: Missing additional link parameters (e.g. target) in seminar
place, speaker and organizer records (#682)
- Fix: Subject in confirmation mail is scrambled (#285)
- Change: Updated the Danish translation (#702)
- Fix: E-mails are empty if a HTML template is selected via flexforms (#710)
- Feature: Added Russian translation by Nickolas A. Shadrin (#334)
- Change: Switch the description field in the FE event editor from RTE
to TEXTAREA (#709)
- Change: Events with a maximal number of 0 vacancies should be
considered to not require registration (#703)
- Feature: Added a countdown function (#425)
- Change: Hide payment-related fields from the registration form if the
event doesn't have a price (#691, #692)
- Change: Moved the TCE value checking stuff to the seminar class (#605)
- Change: Speed up the back-end modules with caching (#670, #672)
- Change: Make the sorting order of events in the BE configurable (#517)
- Change: In the list view, use "register now" as link text even if the
user is not logged in yet (#616)
- Feature: Allow to select the price in the registration form (#551, #676)
- Feature: CSV export of events from the BE (#548)
- Fix: If the field "additional participants" is hidden, no registration
is possible (#510)
- Fix: The validator for the method of payment is missing in step 2 of
the registration (#660)
- Fix: The label for the allowed methods of payment is not displayed (#662)
- Fix: Config check warning in mod1 and mod2 in about any folder (#592)
- Change: Move the "allow multiple registrations" and "needs
registration" checkboxes from the date records to the topic records (#651)
- Change: Change FE display for price = 0 (#390)
- Change: Remove "times and places" from the list view (#652)
- Fix: Problem with creation of new event records (#648)
- Change: Allow to show the subtitle in the list view (#647, #693)
- Fix: mod2: escape the & to &amp; in the delete icon links (#624)
- Change: Removed the "This feature is new" message from the config
check (#388)
- Feature: CSV-export of registrations from the BE in mod2 (#525)
- Change: Lower the TYPO3 version requirement to 3.7 (#631)
- Change: Add two additional price fields to the event record (#549)
- Feature: Add teasers to the event records (#625)
- Change: Changed localization to have a ":" after each label in the BE
- Change: Add 3 additional "speaker" fields in the event record (#550)
- Fix: Allow for searching also within organizer names (#352)
- Fix: Corrected error message on my_events page when not logged in (#529)
- Change: Rework the order of tabs when BE-editing events (#578)
- Change: BE editing of event records: Move "registration necessary" and
"multiple registration allowed" to the "registration" tab (#562)
- Change: Statistics are updated on every change of event records (#242)
- Fix: In mod1 and mod2, lowercase POST (#597)
- Fix: Configuration check on the wrong object in
pi1::createRegistrationsList() (#584)
- Fix: Typo in pi1/locallang.xml (#583)
- Feature: CSV export for registrations: data structures and
architectural stuff (#313)
- Feature: Add integer field "number of kids" to the attendance record,
the registration form, the thank-you and notification e-mails (#452)
- Feature: Add data type "food type" and allow to select records in the
event records and in the registration form (#449, #450, #567)
- Feature: Add data type "lodging" and allow to select records in the
event records and in the registration form (#445, #446, #567)
- Change: BE editing of event records: Only show the
registration-related fields if registration is enabled for this event (#575)
- Feature: Add a field "folder for registration records" to the
organizer records (#465)
- Change: "Terms" should be a default field in the registration form (#574)
- Change: Add a second "terms" checkbox to the registration form (#547.
- Feature: Add record type for checkboxes in the registration form
(#436, #566, #567)
- Feature: New BE module: event list, registration list, speaker list
and organizer list (#279, #509, #543, #591, #546, #598, #596, #599,
#617, #609, #608)
- Fix: Ordering of seminars doesn't work with MySQL Version 4.1.21 (#500)
- Fix: Crash of TYPO3 4.1 after setting
plugin.tx_seminars.attendancesPID (#530)
- Fix: "additional_info" was in the list of allowed values for
hideFields (#526)
- Fix: Fixed issue when using realURL and trying to register to an event
(#476, #531)
- Fix: Crash when disabling the configuration check (#527)
- Fix: Fixed incorrectly spelled "timeframe" (#187)
- Change: Added "number of seats" and "total price" on the "my-events"
list (#491)
- Fix: Added some missing entries in the static template (#493)
- Feature: Extend the template helper class so that it also works in the
BE (#523)
- Feature: Added flexform field to select a single event record (#514)
- Change: Show the total price for a registration on the confirmation
page (#489)
- Change: BE: Organize the seminars form with tabs (#515)
- Change: In the registration form, split the field "billing address" (#488)
- Fix: Event registration is stuck when payment methods are not shown (#508)
- Change: Hide the column "list of registrations" in the list of events
for a certain topic (#482)
- Change: Made the date field linked in the list view (#481)
- Fix: Registration is stuck for events without any payment methods (#498)
- Change: In the redirect after registering for an event, include the
seminar number as URL parameter (#487)
- Change: Show the register/login column in the list view even when no
user is logged in (#485)
- Change: In the registration form, pre-fill the number of seats with 1
- Change: In the registration form, pre-fill the account owner field
with the FE user's name (#486)
- Feature: Add fields for bank data (#464)
- Feature: Allow to have a separate page for the detailed view of events
- Feature: Added a field for "times and places" to the event record (#381)
- Feature: In the details view, show events starting the next day (#379)
- Change: Make the names of the attendees required if more than one seat
is reserved (#472)
- Feature: List view of all topics (#300)
- Feature: Added default VIPs that are able to see all registrations on
all events (#437, #477)
- Feature: List other dates for the same event topic (#299)
- Fix: SQL Errors in the registration form (#473)
- Change: Make choice of payment method obligatory in the registration
form (#471)
- Feature: Redirect user to registration page after login (#376, #696)
- Feature: Add billing address to attendance record (#431)
- Feature: Confirmation page before registering for an event (#374)
- Change: Moved all record type icons to a subdirectory (#469)
- Feature: Added some checking for the early bird prices and the
deadline (#335)
- Change: Added a new RTE field in the seminar record (#453)
- Feature: Checkbox "I accept the terms" on registration (#378)
- Feature: Allow selection of payment method (#434)
- Improved the manual (#380, #402, #581, #620, #806)
- Change: HTML output of the early bird prices in single view (#423)
- Change: Added some new and replaced some existing icons (#493, #470,
#494, #521)
- Change: HTML output of speakers and organizers in list view (#421)
- Change: Switch the registration from frontendformslib to FORMidable (#433)
- Feature: Allow to edit existing seminars (#309)
- Feature: Allow to enter an event in the FE (#307, #821)
- Feature: List of the events a FE user has entered (#309)
- Fix: Deletion of content elements in front-end editing mode fails (#322)
- Change: Rename the registration link from "register online" to
"register now" (#405)
- Feature: Registration form: Add a field for the name of additional
attendees (#377)
- Fix: Localisation for early bird prices (#325)
- Feature: Add a switch to allow multiple registrations (#375)
- Fix: In the registration record BE editing, the drop-down field
"payment methods" needs to have a blank (default) entry. (#397)
- Fix: Seminars with open end are displayed as being till 00:00h (#391)
- Feature: Configuration check for plugin.tx_seminars_pi1.listView (#333)
- Fix: uid and seats cannot be hidden using
plugin.tx_seminars.hideFieldsInThankYouMail (#389)
- Fix: Typo in the configuration check (#387)
- Fix: Event still open for registration after registration deadline is
over (#348)
- Fix: Configuration check warning with
showFeUserFieldsInNotificationMail (#359)
- Code cleanup and refactoring (#351, #502, #538, #539, #559, #570,
#576, #611, #629, #659, #665, #770)
- Feature: Allow manual sorting of event records in the BE (#350)
- Feature: Allow for cent prices (#324)
- Fix: Make the DB selector boxes a bit higher (#369)
- Fix: In the topic drop-down of event date records, the entries should
be sorted alphabetically (#355)
- Fix: The configuration check doesn't always recognize FE pages (#356)

The new version can be downloaded from the TER.

If you find any bugs, please report them at <>.

Have fun,

Oliver Klee

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