[TYPO3-project-seminars] Managing luggage

Andreas Balzer typo3 at andreas-balzer.de
Wed Jun 13 11:48:23 CEST 2007

Your extension is really great. I thought about all the possibilities 
where it can be used. For me, I'll use it for a special school event 
where we'll welcome over 700 attendees that former visited our school. 
I'm so excited about the easy usage of your ext. Really cool :)

Well I also have a little idea about a feature that could be useful for 
some people (unluckily I'm not able to implement it).

What about the possibility to manage luggage? Think about a trip by 
plane. When you arrive at the checkin you'll get a bar code attached to 
your luggage.

I thought about something the attendee could print out (card with a name 
  and image or just a numbercode) and stick to his luggage. Arriving at 
the event, he could just give away his luggage, the service team scans 
the code, TYPO3 says "Yes, that attendee XYZ and his luggage should go 

Just to name one possibility where it can be useful.

What do you think? Can something like this be implemented?

Keep up the good work!


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