[TYPO3-project-seminars] Quick fix to increase functionality

Taras Sajuk taras.sajuk at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 11 00:33:27 CEST 2007

in seminars version 0.4.10 class.tx_seminars_pi1.php line 575
$this->pi_list_linkSingle($this->pi_getLL('label_back', 'Back'), 0));
$this->pi_list_linkSingle($this->pi_getLL('label_back', 'Back'), 0, TRUE,
array(), FALSE, $this->getConfValueInteger('listPID')));

this will ensure that the "listPID" is used in the generation of the "Back"
link at the end of a single view. Now we can use separate list and single
pages (with different content and different values for listPID). Just have
the listPID on the list page pointing to the single page and vice versa.
The realURL configuration can use "fixedPostVars" without an annoying
supplemental tag in the url. As an example, the title link goes now to "
while the list link is still "
The "TRUE" in the parameter list kills the "no_cache=1" as well - the plugin
is USER_INT anyway.
Whoever does not use different listPID values will not see any difference.

BTW - maybe the introduction of some new config constants would make sense:
tx_seminars_pi1.showListPID and tx_seminars_pi1.showSinglePID.

Taras Sajuk

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