[TYPO3-project-seminars] SVN version/nightlies and FORMidable

Gunnar Hönekop taucher444 at web.de
Tue Jan 23 13:01:53 CET 2007

Hi Oliver,

are there problems with the downloads from: 
http://typo3xdev.sourceforge.net/ ?
I get the message: There are no files in this folder.

Thanks for your help.


Oliver Klee schrieb:
> Hi all,
> the current version of the Seminar Manager available either from SVN or
> as a nightly build from http://typo3xdev.sourceforge.net/ makes use of
> the FORMidable extension.
> Currently, the Seminar Manager doesn't work with the just-released
> FORMidable 0.6.0. (In fact, using FORMidable 0.6.0 with the Seminar
> Manager or a few other extension will horribly break your TYPO3
> installation. Been there, done that.)
> As we had to make use of some of the new features from FORMidable,
> though, we made a customized version of FORMidable which is required to
> make some things work (hiding fields in the registration form and some
> data validation in the registration form). You can download it at
> http://www.oliverklee.de/temp/T3X_ameos_formidable-0_5_0-z-200701141137.t3x
> .
> Installing FORMidable doesn't always go smoothly, though. It may be
> necessary to manually delete the temporary cache files in typo3conf/ via
> FTP or SSH to get your installation working again.
> The upcoming Seminar Manager 0.5.0 will work with (and require)
> FORMidable 0.6.0, so the customized version won't be necessary any more
> by then.
> Regards,
> Oliver

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