[TYPO3-project-seminars] Payment Methods and different list views

Katharina webshopper at arcor.de
Thu Dec 20 14:07:50 CET 2007

Dear Oliver Klee, dear list people,

I intend to use the extension "seminars" in a current project.

First of all: as far as I can judge by now, I think it is a great
extension with a lot of useful features! Thanks very much for this!

These questions have occurred so far (and I hope someone can help me out
here...) :
1. The customer wants to display his seminars on different list pages in
order to enable interested people to find appropriate seminars for
example by clicking on a navigation link.
I intend to solve this by creating the seminars in different folders in
the backend and by displaying lists from these folders in the frontend.
I found out that this is possible, but I can use only one detail page
and then the backlink won't always be right. Is there a possibility to
solve this? I mean other than setting several values for the listPID and
detailPID via TypoScript - which of course is possible.

2. Another problem connected to the one described above is that certain
seminars will be available for different target audiences. Thus it is
not possible to create them in a certain folder in the backend and
display them on several pages in the frontend.
I tried to solve this by using "event types" but I am afraid this will
not do.

As an example imagine the following scenario:
Lets say there's a seminar called "Typo3 plugins" and you intend to
offer it for beginners and advanced learners. There are other seminars
which are only for beginners respectively only for advanced learners too.
You want to have a list displaying seminars for beginners and a list
page displaying seminars for advanced learners.
How could you acchieve that the seminar which is intended for both
groups will appear on both list pages but will be created only once in
the backend? Is there a solution to this?

3. I read in the newslist that you intend to integrate support for the
paymentlib Extension. As online payment would be a feature which our
customer would be interested in I would like to know whether there is
any progress on this topic and whether possible you could tell when this
feature will possibly be available?

Thanks in advance for any answer / hint / solution ...


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