[TYPO3-project-seminars] Seminar Manager: Keine HTML moeglich

Niels Pardon mail at niels-pardon.de
Mon Dec 17 18:53:57 CET 2007

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Hi Michael,

I didn't get what exactly you're talking about. Is it a problem that
your links you inserted in e.g. the description field of a seminar are
not shown in the front-end or is the whole seminars-HTML rendered
without links?

If it is the first case you'll probably have to configure the RTE of
e.g. the description field so the links don't get removed.



Michael Jeschke schrieb:
> Oliver Klee schrieb:
>> Hi Michael,
>> on this list, please use English.
> ooops, i'm sorry.
>> Michael Jeschke schrieb:
>>> bei meiner Anwendung des Seminar-Managers werden alle HTML-Eingaben im
>>> FE entfernt - beim Editieren sind sie aber sichtbar.
>>> So werden u.a. alle Links entfernt, nur der Linktext bleibt bestehen.
>> Does this also affect eg. the table tags in the list view?
> No, only the single view of the seminars. The list view works fine.
>> Are other extensions affected as well?
> No.
>> Regards
>> Oliver
> I found out that a simple link looks like this in the HTML-Code of the
> frontend webpage:
>     ... LINKTEXT_HERE ...
> The <a href=.. -tag and everything else is missing. But the NBSP's are
> inserted!
> Regards
> Michael
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