[TYPO3-project-seminars] Bug in the Notification Mail?

Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Wed Dec 5 21:50:28 CET 2007

Hi Tomas

Tomas Balek schrieb:
> today we switched the seminar extension to "live" service  - I'm very
> exited and I'd like to thank you all for the great extension and support
> :))))

Oh that's great! Thanks for your feedback :-)  We'd like to publish your
website in the list of reference sites in the Seminar Manager manual.
Can you provide us with a link?

> One thing still doesn't work as I would like yet:
> the problem is that the Notification Mail as well as the csv - output
> are not translated at all.
> It looks like this:
> Daten, die bei der Anmeldung angegeben wurden: price:            
> Normalpreis: 50.00 EUR
> seats:             1
> total_price:       50.00 EUR
> method_of_payment: Vorabüberweisung
> [snipped]
> I haven't found any hints, where to set it or change it.
> Any idea?

Without looking into the code of this, it really looks like something
between bug and missing feature. As you can see above, translation
itself is working (all the stuff that comes from a locallang label is
delivered in German). I think you're talking about the field names like
"total_price". These are 1:1 the names of the database columns.

Would you mind to sponsor this feature/bugfix?


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