[TYPO3-project-seminars] Seminars and Ameos Formidable - Script error with the registration form

David Lenherr david at magiconline.ch
Sun Aug 5 16:56:21 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,


I have a problem with the registration form of seminars.


I have installed the extension successfully and everything is running well!

Except the registration form will not run further than step one.

The site has a script error: "Zeile 356, Zeichen 1, Formidable is undefined"

And if I click the "weiter" button nothing happens.


Is this a bug or have I missed a configuration step?

Where is this Formidable defined?


I already tried to reinstall the extensions seminars and ameos formidable.
Still that problem.


My configuration:

Server: IIS

Simulate Statistics: mit IIS_Rewrite

PHP: 4.3.11

MySQL: 4.0.26

Typo3: 4.0.7

Seminars: 0.5.1

Ameos Formidable: 0.7.0

oelib: 0.3.0


Here ist the code that is in line 356:

<dd class="tx-seminars-pi1-submit"><input type="button"
id="tx_seminars_pi1_registration_editor[button_continue]" value="Weiter"
onclick="eval('{' +
tor_70cf9%27%2C%20%27tx_seminars_pi1_registration_editor%27%29%3B') +
';}');"   /></dd>



Does anyone know that problem?


Kind regards from Switzerland




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