[TYPO3-project-seminars] seminars don't get indexed (indexed_search)

Matthias Krappitz matthias at nospam.aemka.de
Fri Oct 6 21:19:21 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I had the very same demand to have seminars in the search results from
indexed_search and created the following work-around for that. I'm now
offering the choice of search type (seminars or web-site) in a modified
version of the macina_searchbox extension by pointing to different target
pages by javascript and templating.

I took the extension macina_searchbox, added a select-box to the template
with two entries: seminar search and web-site search. Then I added some
javascript code to the template, that changes the action attribute of the
search form of the template according to the search type selected in the
select box. Furthermore I added some code to the macina_searchbox, that adds
some markers for the two search target pages for indexed search and a
seminar manager plugin used for seminar search. I made the seminar search
page configurable by typoscript value
plugin.tx_macinasearchbox_pi1.pidSeminarSearchpage = xy. And I wrote some
lines to reselect the current search type.

One could probably do this a lot more sophisiticated, but as there will
probably be better searching and caching possibilities with seminars one
day, this rather quick workaround is ok for us at the moment and you can
download the necessary files here, if you like:

Modified Macina Searchbox Template:

Modified Macina Searchbox pi1/class.tx_macinasearchbox_pi1.php:

Modified Macina Searchbox pi1/locallang.php:

And don't forget to set
plugin.tx_macinasearchbox_pi1.pidSeminarSearchpage = xy
to the id of a page where a seminar-manager is installed, that shall be
searched in your ts template. In our case, where we are having more than one
listview plugin on the web-site, I created another page not visible in the
menu with a listview plugin showing all seminars.

You can see the usage of this at http://www.lembke-seminare.de/ soon. (At
the moment we are working on the site at



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