[TYPO3-project-seminars] seminars don't get indexed (indexed_search)

Martin Keck martin_keck at gmx.de
Thu Aug 31 09:58:59 CEST 2006

Hi Mario,

ok, I see. Sad but true.

One thing I don't understand anyway is why the list view would be shown 
again when requesting a single view (after changing to USER). I mean, 
they are two different pages in the page tree! But I suppose thats a 
certain behaviour of the caching mechanism I don't understand yet... ;-)


Mario Rimann schrieb:
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> Martin Keck schrieb:
>> Is it possible that seminars don't get indexed by the indexed_search
>> extension? Neither the list view nor the single view can be found when
>> searching for e.g. the headline of a seminar? When I take a look at the
>> index overview of the page where the seminar plugin is located all other
>> content elements were indexed despite the seminar plugin. How is that
>> possible?! Or is it / can it be my fault?
> Hi Martin
> The reason is really simple: The output of tx_seminars_pi1 doesn't get
> cached. Not-cached pages or parts of pages won't get indexed. That's it.
> Currently, the frontend plugin is inserted as "USER_INT" object which
> makes it *not* cached. We can change it to "USER" to get it cached [1],
> but this will break the frontend output! The list view will get cached
> (and indexed) upon the first call, clicking on an event's title will
> then display the same cached page (list view) again...
> As I see at the moment, it's not that easy to change this behaviour at
> the moment. See the Todo-List (our "roadmap"). All caching stuff is
> planned for release 0.9.0.
> Cheers,
> Mario
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