[TYPO3-irre] Define type of foreign record

David Bruehlmeier typo3 at bruehlmeier.com
Mon Mar 26 11:02:06 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I would like to propose a new IRRE feature which allows to define the 
type of the foreign record created by IRRE.

Let me explain by taking two real-world examples from the Party 
Information Framework:

1. A party can have 0..n names. Each name has a type (either "person 
name" or "organisation name"). The type defines which fields are 
available for input, using the regular type-definition of TCA.

2. A party can have 0..n images. The same is true for addresses. Each 
image also has a type (either "party image" or "address image").

The feature request: As soon as the slave record is created by IRRE, the 
proper type is already selected (and not changeable). Only the fields 
for the selected type (according to TCA) are displayed.

I propose a new TCA attribute, e.g. 'foreign_type', which might look as 

Case 1:
$TCA['tx_party_parties']['columns']['names']['config'] = array(
  'foreign_type' => array(
    '0' => '0', // Party type = 0 (Person) => Name type = 0 (Person name)
    '1' => '1', // Party type = 1 (Org.) => Name type = 1 (Org.name)

Case 2:
$TCA['tx_party_parties']['columns']['images']['config'] = array(
  'foreign_type' => 0, // Always "Party image"

$TCA['tx_party_addresses']['columns']['images']['config'] = array(
  'foreign_type' => 1, // Always "Address image"

So the general rule is:
1. If the 'foreign_type' is an array, then the array is a mapping from 
"Type of master table" to "Type of slave table".
2. Else it is the type of the slave table, regardless of the type of the 

I'm keen to hear what you think!

Greetings, Dave

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