[TYPO3-english] News & shariiff social share: change button language

Dennis Hoffland d.o.hoffland at tele2.nl
Wed Jan 24 18:01:28 CET 2018


I've installed the extensions News system (tx_news, version 6.2.1) and Heise Shariff (rx_shariff, version 10.2.1).

Now I want to change language of the  social share buttons to Dutch.

When using the plugin as a seperate content element, you can simply set the language in the Page view in the tab Plugin options.

However my buttons are rendered as part of the News plugin. This plugin has no seperate "Shariff" tab.

The documentation suggests the same could be achieved by Typoscript: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/rx_shariff/Installation/Index.html

I am not sure how to integrate the snippet in my TS Setup to get it working with News.

Who can help?

Kind regards,


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