[TYPO3-english] Install Tool - TCA Migrations - Making Changes

Martin Davies martin at verix.co.uk
Sat Jan 20 16:18:27 CET 2018


I've just completed a clean install of T3 8.7.9 along with the Bootstrap Extension 9.1.0. All looks good and the system is running correctly. However, when I check the Install Tool under the options 'Check TCA Migrations', I get 2 advisory messages:

RTE configuration via 'defaultExtras' options are deprecated. String "richtext:rte_transform[mode=ts_css]" in TCA tt_content['types']['media']['columnsOverrides']['bodytext']['defaultExtras'] was changed to options in tt_content['columns']['bodytext']['config']

The defaultExtras setting 'nowrap' in TCA table tt_content['types']['multimedia']['columnsOverrides']['bodytext'] has been migrated to TCA table tt_content['types']['multimedia']['columnsOverrides']['bodytext']['config']['wrap'] = 'off'

I'm assuming these require me to make alterations to the $TCA array but it is not clear to me how (or if) I should make these changes?

I'd very much welcome some advice please. Many thanks.

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