[TYPO3-english] Re: Typo3 Site Migration from Linux to Windows

Christian Hackl hackl.chris at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 21 19:33:38 CET 2018

I dont know the code TypoScript, but you can search for baseURL and than set it to your needs.

a good way is:

httpdocs/yourDocumentRoot/index.php <- symlink
httpdocs/yourDocumentRoot/typo3 <- symlink
httpdocs/yourDocumentRoot/typo3_src <- symlink

if you want it just a little bit safer, than you can add a AdditionalConfiguration.php (must be that name) and put it in typo3conf folder
In this file you can import a file e. g. typo3_db_config.php
This file is seperate from DocumentRoot too like:


If you have uppercase names in your Paths to the images for example fileadmin/user_uploads/MyFolder/myFilde.png than you can check in the backend Root-Icon (ID=0) - select it, than select at the left side "list" and edit the fileadmin content <- there is a checkbox for this something like "use uppercasecamel"

and dont forget the database to include. If you havent a database you have to install TYPO3 with the file "FIRST_INSTALL".
If you have a folder called typo3conf than they have to send you the database :) and you dont need to "install" TYPO3....

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