[TYPO3-english] unable to reset install tool login password - 6.2

Ralf-Rene Schröder ralf.rene at online.de
Wed Oct 26 05:59:28 CEST 2016

the change of the hash is normal (salting passwords)
after saving the LocalConfiguration.php i would recomend empty the
typo3temp folder (maybe i am wrong, but i do it in such situations)

another possibility is, that the webserver could not write in typo3temp
directory, this has the same effect...

Am 25.10.2016 um 18:54 schrieb Brandon Walsh:
> Hi Brian, thank you for the quick reply. I just tried putting the md5
> hash in the LocalConfiguration.php, with no success. For example, I
> tried an md5 hash of 'daringfireball', which is
> 409f7a74323d003325443aa7930e6f2e. I put 409f7a74323d003325443aa7930e6f2e
> into LocalConfiguration.php and entered daringfireball as the password
> in the install tool login page. This gave me the error:
> Login failed
> Given password does not match the install tool login password.
> Calculated hash: $P$Cfr7ExLKg6E/hi2cukkkzpjgx.KlWG.
> ------
> I tried a few more times, with daringfireball as the password, and each
> time the login page error gives a different calculated hash:
> $P$CzgehObQzJVWt5erjAW1VcdGPE04M30
> $P$CAvr/jPSChi4qoKKpE0hss.KRixmsm.
> $P$C7ET2h3st7cAy53bKBoTldO8ia0Dqv/
> So, I am wondering, if the hash changes every time I enter the password,
> how will the hash from the login page ever match the hash I put into
> LocalConfiguration.php?

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