[TYPO3-english] Subnavigation with title of parent and custom image - TypoScript

François Lanzeray f.lanzeray at tcnet.ch
Mon Oct 24 18:55:17 CEST 2016

Hi everyone
Im new to typoscript and trying to create a subnavigation with a title of the parent and an image defined in the page. The problem is, that I haven't found a possibility, that allows me to pick a specific title or a specific image. This is how i thought about it (i didnt do any wraps on purpose to shorten the examples): The page structure:


To each main navigation the title will be print in the navigation (P1,P2,P3):

menu = HMENU
menu.entrylevel = 0
menu.1 = TMENU
menu.1.expAll = 1

-> this would be a normal navigation with P1,P2,P3 For the subnavigation I go the second rootline

menu.2 = TMENU

inside the subnavigation (menu.2) i need the picture i defined in resources and the title of the specific parent page. so an ascii view of the subnavigation for P1:

P1                            P2                                P3
---------------------- {Pagetitle (in this case P1)}
|Picture defined| P1a
|in resources    | P2a
|of P1                  | P3a

I know about the prepend function to insert content before the actual items in the subnavigation. What I dont know is how to access a specific parent element. I also tried leveltitle:1 but this is just the title of the current page. So if i would be on P3 and look at the subnavigation of P1 the part in {} would say P3 instead of P1.

I hope the examples have shown what i want to do. I'll continue to research on how to achieve this, but I'd be really glad for help any help :)

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