[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 7.6 with Solrfal not indexing files

Michal Majernik majernik.miso at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 10:45:04 CEST 2016


I am having a problem with indexing files in TYPO3 7.6. I am using solr 3.1.2, solrfal 2.1.3 and tika 2.0.0. Normal indexing works fine, but when I select fileadmin to be queued, I get success message: Initialized indexing configurations: fileadmin (0 records)

Here is the Solr status report:
Apache Solr:

Your site has contacted the Apache Solr server.
Site: www.zentrum-verkuendigung.de (pid: 3, language: default) -
Scheme: http
Port: 8080
Path: /solr_4-10-4/core_ekhn_zv_de/
Apache Solr: 4.10.4
Ping Query Time: 2 ms
schema.xml: tx_solr-3-1-0--20151117
solrconfig.xml: tx_solr-3-1-0--20151012
Access Filter Plugin: 1.3.0

Apache Tika:	 Configuration OK
allow_url_fopen:	On

I have included solrfal template and set:
plugin.tx_solr.index.enableFileIndexing = 1
plugin.tx_solr.index.queue.fileadmin = 1
plugin.tx_solr.index.queue.fileadmin.table = sys_file_storage
plugin.tx_solr.index.queue.fileadmin.storageUid = 1

The user _cli_scheduler has all fileoperation permissions for Files and Directories in the "Mounts and Workspaces" tab

Does somebody know how to fix that and make file indexing work?



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