[TYPO3-english] [RESOLVED]Extension Manager fails creating 1.mirrors.xml.gz

Luis E. Suarez nospam at please.com
Sun Jun 19 16:54:01 CEST 2016

On 18-Jun-16 03:45 PM, Luis E. Suarez wrote:
> Hi all, need some help.
> I have installed TYPO3 6.2.25 and everything was running fine for a
> couple of weeks until something happened with the Extension Manager.
> Each time I try to get/update extensions from Repository I get this error:
> Update Extension List
> XML error mismatched tag in line 6 of file resource compress.zlib:
> /typo3temp/1.mirrors.xml.gz.
> The .gz file is damaged, so I uploaded a good one from my local machine
> to the site, but as soon as I try to get new extensions the gz file
> results  damaged again.
> I cleared the whole typo3temp and the problem persists: the new .gz file
> created is damaged as well.
> As a matter of fact the server is creating .gz files correctly as is
> another TYPO3 site in same account.
> It seems to me that the Extension Manager can't read nor create the .gz
> file correctly but can't figure out what could be wrong.
> Apache reports no errors.
> I can live without the Extensions Repository but I am concerned about
> what other consequences might result from this failure, so any help will
> be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Luis

Using cURL resolved the issue.  This is crazy for it was working a few 
days ago.  Will ask the server admin tomorrow to see what could be the 
cause of this problem.

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