[TYPO3-english] Add plain html

Ralf-Rene Schröder ralf.rene at online.de
Fri Jun 17 17:29:19 CEST 2016

Am 17.06.2016 um 15:20 schrieb Pierfrancesco Rosini:
> typo3 version 6.2.2
VERY VERY old (more than 2 years) !!! and unscure !!! 6.2.25 is the
actual version of this mayor release: https://typo3.org/download/

> I am creating a new record and this is what I see.
BEFORE you create this record, you have to choose the type of record
(and there you are able to choose HTML)

> Can't you see the screenshots I've attached here?
i'm using mailinglist/newsgroup and not the forum...
and for this users it is better you do it like now

> Anyway this is a link to a screenshot of what I see
> http://img4web.com/view/5JYG3Z
i wanted to see the WHOLE browser window, mostly the left menu,
because i want to see if you are really a real admin...
here you see the BE of a 6.2 installation after adding a new
contentelement to a page, before choosing WHAT...

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