[TYPO3-english] RealURL configuration country and language

Arno Dudek webmaster at adgrafik.at
Wed Jun 15 10:55:14 CEST 2016


Yes it's possible. But "de-en" is no ISO format:

The first part is the language, the second the country.

If you are about to optimize for SEO, you should use for this cases, 
where you have company branches in different coutries, the top level 
domain of the country. So every coutry can handle the content by there 
own. domain.de, domain.fr etc.

The other meaningful way is to use only one domain and don't differ 
between countries.

Another way ist to use how it is, with some corrections: Use
/de/de for Germany / german
/de/en for Germany / english
/fr/fr for France / french
/fr/en for France / english

For configure realurl for ISO code use the preVars

'preVars' => array(
         'GETvar' => 'L',
         'valueMap' => array(
             'en-gb' => 0,
             'de-de' => 1,
             'fr-fr' => 2,
             'de-at' => 3,
             'de-ch' => 4,
         'valueDefault' => 'en-gb',

And don't use UK for GB! ;-) UK is reserved, but not valid.

lg arno

Am 15.06.16 um 09:50 schrieb Sinisa Mitrovic:
> Hello,
> At this moment I have RealURL configured as suggested by documentation,
> and I have this situation for two languages and two countries:
> Germany:
> de: www.domain.com/de/de/ => root page on German
> en: www.domain.com/en/de/ => root page on English
> France:
> de: www.domain.com/fr/fr/ => root page on French
> en: www.domain.com/en/fr/ => root page on English
> Is it possible to make RealURL configuration to gert URL-s like:
> Germany:
> de: www.domain.com/de-de/ => root page on German
> en: www.domain.com/de-en/ => root page on English
> France:
> de: www.domain.com/fr-fr/ => root page on French
> en: www.domain.com/fr-en/ => root page on English
> Best regards,
> Sinisa Mitrovic

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