[TYPO3-english] the connection was reset

Alex Tuveri at at uniud.it
Sun Jan 31 10:52:45 CET 2016

Hi all
I have a VPS with some sites running TYPO3 6.2 and one site running TYPO3 7.6
Since I have installed and configured correctly TYPO3 7.6 randomly appears the error

"the connection was reset"

this is very annoying, and usually happens within the BACKEND.

I suppose the server is configured correclty and the RAM assignes is 512MB.

On some cirumstances I should login into the VPS, and reload apache with
# service httpd reload

to solve this (!).I suspect that TYPO3 7.6 uses some threads in excess with apache so the apache server is locked only for that site (the others site  fortunately are running correctly).

Inspecting log files I can't see any message (error log  /apache); degub from BE says nothing and so on.

I can't figure what is the cause, please help ....
thank you very much to anyone

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