[TYPO3-english] Proxy with more than one connection pool breaks TYPO3 backend

Éric Thibault Eric.Thibault at bsw.ulaval.ca
Thu Jan 28 19:56:27 CET 2016

Hello to all!

Our network administrator changed this morning the configuration of our proxy... from one machine (serving a connection pool of 64000 connection to our TYPO3 server and others) to 4 machines serving different connection pools.  Strangely, we were no longer able to connect to the backend... Different tries producing different errors! The IP mask configured in TYPO3 allows all those "machines".  Our network administrator found in the logs that we were switching from one machine (one pool connection) to another when we attempted to login.

We reverted to one machine (one connection pool) but is there anything I could do so that TYPO3 accepts connections from multiple connection pools? Or that kind of configuration must be on the APACHE or Proxy side?

Thank you for your advice!

Eric Thibault

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