[TYPO3-english] AMP pages, amp-img instead of img src from RTE

Jan Slusarczyk jan.slusarczyk at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 11:17:03 CET 2016

> I think as the concept of responsive websites and the usage of images in
> multiple sizes needs a complete different approach not much converting
> is done but a new relaunch which uses the new features.
> As I llok at websites which have been doen more than five years ago:
> images were optimized for the usual usage and that was a maximum of
> 800x600 pixels. so there would be no possibility to enlarge images to
> fit a something like retina displays.
> either you need to replace a lot of images, or you stay with the small
> images for older pages/data and only the new data gets images with
> multiple solutions.
> both times the editors have to change their workflow / use other CEs

You are right, but I have to include budget constraints into this 
equation. Where possible and in all new pages I am already using Fluid 
templating, a custom Thumbor image server and a <picture><img srcet... 
tags to get multiple responsive versions of the same file from FAL (plus 
a lazyload where useful). BUT Google will start using AMP as a SEO 
element fairly soon and I still have hundreds of great content pages to 
"modernize". I wish I could employ editors to replace all the images 
with a new custom element I have already made (linking the resource to a 
proper thumbor version of the image), but I cannot...


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