[TYPO3-english] Install tool ok, no backend access

Bernd Wilke t3n at pi-phi.de
Mon Jan 18 08:20:55 CET 2016

Am 16.01.2016 um 11:17 schrieb Katja Lampela:
> Hi,
> I have this old site 4.5 that I should obviously update and I first
> created a copy of the site.
> Now I can login to install tool of the copy and I have changed the
> database user and password to the copy database and I have done the
> basic install tool database ownership rights checks there. Everything
> seems to be ok.
> However I can't login to backend. This happens: I login and the login
> screen appears again. NOTE THIS! No errors. In server log there are no
> errors either.
> Also I have in install tool defined to notify every backend login to my
> email address and I get a notification of successful login.
> But actually I'm stuck on login screen, I can't get into backend.
> I have created (multiple) new backend user in install tool, same thing.
> I updated symlink to 4.7 source, no help. (I even tried to symlink to
> 6.2 but that completely messed things, so I started over).
> In server I have tried both in Apache and FastCGI mode with appropriate
> permissions, no help.
> What might be the problem here?
> Environment: Plesk 12.5, CentOS 6.7, PHP 5.4.45

sounds like a cookie problem. make sure the cookies can be written in 
your browser, the cokie-session-data can be written in DB and file 
system. also look for a misconfigured cookie-domain.


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