[TYPO3-english] Extension ods_domaincheck ... OT

Bernd Wilke t3n at pi-phi.de
Fri Jan 15 14:58:56 CET 2016

Am 15.01.2016 um 13:49 schrieb Damien:
> I'm not retraining TYPO3, that's just of the parts I'm working in. If we
> upgrade here now, it might break everything done yet. Better use a
> non-actual system than have x customers coming to rip your head of. Or
> short, guess everybody heard this before: never touch a running system ;-)

you need to touch insecure running systems!
at least when a security breach was done.

> What I'm doing right now doesn't require a new version. Either the
> extension is unusable for newer versions at all (seen some older posts
> where it worked), or the mistake is on me, wherever it still could be.
> Pretty sure I'm switching to the PHP-script I found, even so it's
> outdated too... But I guess it'll work, I just can't see when xD
> So thank you all for your help, if anyone finds a solution I'd be glad
> to see it, but I don't believe this will happen^^
> Like I said, if I get the script done I'll post it here as an alternative.

as you need to stay with 6.1: even if the authors of those old extension 
are willing to update their extension I would expect they will update 
and test their extension against current versions of TYPO3 and there 6.1 
does not belong to. so you can't be sure that your feature will work 
with updated extensions.

and otherwise: if you build your own extension (don't include some 
'naked' php into your TYPO3. You will miss all comfort (including 
security!) from TYPO3.
and so you may not build an extbase extension use at least an 
pi_base/std-extension. it is simple and very well documented (just 
translate all class names for function calls to namespaced version).


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