[TYPO3-english] Looking for an automatic color palette plugin

henke blomqvist henrik at pixelant.se
Thu Jan 14 01:45:25 CET 2016

Hi guys,

First post. Hopefully in the right forum.

I'm looking for a solution that helps me with the folowing: 

- When i upload an image to a page in the backend a plugin should analyze the image and create a color palette for me
- The color palette suggests colors to be used on the page. A total of, let's say 5 colors should be suggested where 3 colors should define the background, the text and buttons.
- If i'm not satisfied with the suggestions, I should be able to click on the color i don't like and pick another alternative from the palette. 

Then when I've picked my 3 colors they should override the normal CSS on that page, but not on any other page. 

Maybe there is an alternative to use Adobe Kuler in the backend? Or Pictaculous?

I'm working on a visual explanation. Hold tight. 

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