[TYPO3-english] Re: Re: Re: Cannot Login to Back End

Brian Lynch brianl at digi-bis.com
Fri Jan 8 19:59:00 CET 2016

Thank You for your comments, here is what I have found:

I have no additionalConfiuration.php file, or I don't know where it's stored.

I have lots and lots of extra file storeage room both in amount and number of files.

lockIP was set to 4 now to 0 no change
lockSSL =0
lock SSLPort=0
enableBeUerIPLock was 1 now 0 no change
BE_cookieDoman = "blank"
htaccess has been turned on and off (the defualt that came with the package) with no change
BE_cookieName =be_typo_user

I still have the same issue, I get no error messages about user name or password being wrong I just get the sign-in screen back like nothing ever happened.

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