[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 vers 6.2/7.x under XAMPP or WAMP on Windows 7/10

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Thu Jan 7 07:38:21 CET 2016


I assume you are talking about your localhost, in such case you can 
disable RSA in Install tool and they you won't need OpenSSL.


Dne 05.01.2016 v 15:49 Luis E. Suarez napsal(a):
> Hi,
> I don´t remember exactly how long I'm running TYPO3. What I remember is
> TYPO3 version 3.9 and many times testing other versions up to 6 in my
> Windows machine under XAMPP. Then suddenly installing TYPO3 on XAMPP was
> almost impossible and then I tried WAMP. Same thing and I quit.
> Once again on Windows 10 I installed XAMPP and TYPO3 6.2. No way, It
> doesn't work. So, I tried WAMP. Same nightmare.
> The problem is the ubiquitous unresolved error:
> "PHP OpenSSL extension not working
> Something went wrong while trying to create a new private key for
> testing. Please check the integration of the PHP OpenSSL extension and
> if it is installed correctly."
> Of course I'm not an Apache expert, so I Googled and Binged for a
> solution.  Results: the same old unsound suggestions that doesn't work
> for everyone.
> My question is: Is there anyone able to run TYPO3 ver 6.2 and 7.x under
> XAMPP or WAMP on Windows 7/8/10?
> If so, would you please post somewhere your *.ini, *.cfg, *.cnf.*  plus
>   clear instructions on how to make it work.
> Thank you so much.
> Happy New Year

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