[TYPO3-english] Multiple Content (jfmulticontent) in 7.6LTS?

Scotty C superscotty19 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 5 02:34:44 CET 2016

Hi Jigal,
Very helpful as always!
With regards to jfmulticontent specifically, I don't see any TCA/*.php files. The only thing I can find are the following:

jfmulticontent/flexform_ds.xml (example snippet):

 <tabEvent>   <TCEforms>     <exclude>1</exclude>     <displayCond>FIELD:style:=:tab</displayCond>     <label>LLL:EXT:jfmulticontent/locallang_db.xml:tt_content.tx_jfmulticontent.tabEvent</label>     <config>        <type>select</type>        <size>1</size>        <maxitems>1</maxitems>        <items type="array">           <numIndex index="0" type="array">              <numIndex index="0">LLL:EXT:jfmulticontent/locallang_db.xml:tt_content.pi_flexform.$              <numIndex index="1"></numIndex>           </numIndex>           <numIndex index="1" type="array">              <numIndex index="0">LLL:EXT:jfmulticontent/locallang_db.xml:tt_content.tx_jfmultico$              <numIndex index="1">click</numIndex>              </numIndex>           <numIndex index="2" type="array">              <numIndex index="0">LLL:EXT:jfmulticontent/locallang_db.xml:tt_content.tx_jfmultico$              <numIndex index="1">mouseover</numIndex>           </numIndex>         </items>      </config>  </TCEforms></tabEvent>

... but if this is the culprit, I don't know how to fix it :-(



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 Subject: Re: [TYPO3-english] Multiple Content (jfmulticontent) in 7.6LTS?

On 31/12/2015 03:42, Scotty C wrote:
> I should have mentioned, that link was the first thing I found when
> researching this. While it tells me how to make the changes, it
> doesn't tell me what file(s)/line(s) to change :-(

The TCA settings are in .php files in one of the following files:
- ext_tables.php (for older extensions)
- tca.php (for older extensions)
- Configuration/Tca/*.php (newer extensions)
- Configuration/Overrides/*.php (newer extensions)

The page
mentions to look for lines starting with 'script' =>
and replace it with the lines the page suggests.

Flexforms are mostly located in flexform.xml files (various locations 

(other files/locations might be possible, but this covers most extensions)

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