[TYPO3-english] Cannot Login to Back End

Bernd Wilke t3n at pi-phi.de
Mon Jan 4 08:21:28 CET 2016

Am 04.01.2016 um 03:24 schrieb Brian Lynch:
> Ok, I have upgraded my installation to version 6.2.17 and ran through
> all the upgrade wizards, deleted the contents of typo3tem/cache folder
> cleared all be_sessions table and tx_rsaauth_keys tables and cleared all
> cache I could find.  Then created a new be admin with the install tool,
> and still no change, I cannot login from the back end. No question it
> checks the user name and password, the be_session table shows that a
> session is started every time I try and login, but the log in screen
> just shows up again, no message that the username or password is wrong
> just the plain login screen like nothing ever happened, and everytime I
> try and login, be_sessions shows a new session started.  One change in
> behavior, the tx_rsaauth_keys no longer shows a new salt when I try and
> login.  With version 6.2.0 the tx_rsaauth_keys table would always get a
> new entry when I tied to login and failed.
> I changed to be security level to NORMAL and created and new be admin
> and that didn't work either.
> I have tired to identify the cookie thing, but no luck there, with
> version 6.2.17 I had to set the cookie name and site trusted host
> pattern, so I think that all should be working as needed.  The front end
> on both sites are still working (I have two independent sites sharing
> the same source folder, and both sites have the same problem with not
> being able to log in to the back end.
> Any more Idea's of what I can do?

try a new browser. sometimes a browser confuses the cookies after an 
update and you need a fix in the CMS or the browser to continue.

you also may try another internet connection - or a less restrictive 
configuration for your internet connection (ip-mask).
also verify in the install-tool about the php-version.

just some thoughts

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