[TYPO3-english] fluid backend modul and TCA

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Mon Apr 18 16:38:42 CEST 2016


I am porting some EXT with some Backendmoules to fluid/Extbase.

In piBase Times I have written some handy views to diplay may tables in 
a intuitive way, so the user does not use the List-Module, but my own 

e.g. to Edit a record i use this:

<a href="#" 

The Edit/New Record of the list module, rendered by the TCA-Definitions.

How do I connect TCA Rendering to my fluid Template view?
Is there a document this is documented?

Using the "New/Edit Record" view genereted by the Kickstarter is not 
really good, since:

a) why should I write a view that looks like TCA: Use TCA instead.
b) image upload is not implemented and doing so is really really a pain!

Are there some viewhelpers in the Core for TCA rendering?
Some EXT in TER?

Thank you for helping me finding myway throug the Code-Jungle of TYPO3.


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