[TYPO3-english] DateTime issue extbase persistence

Toke Herkild th at t3cms.dk
Thu Apr 7 11:12:43 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I've a little problem with DateTimes and it is works as this:

TYPO3 version 6.2.17
Server timezone: CEST
TYPO3 Timezone settings:
[SYS][serverTimeZone] = 1
[SYS][phpTimeZone] = Europe/Copenhagen

When Using a DateTime in a model following hapens:

In list view, DateTime is correct (20160406T09:00:00).
Detail view DateTime is displayed (20160406-06T09:00:00).
In Confirm DateTime is (20160406T09:00:00)
In createAction DateTime is (20160406T09:00:00)
After redirect from createAction DateTime is (20160406T11:00:00).
Doing a FROM_UNIXTIME in mysql also gives (20160406T11:00:00).

Only place where this could be changed is in the repository->add($model);

Anyone got an idea as to why this happens ?

Toke Herkild

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