[TYPO3-english] extbase create/update @dontvalidate

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Tue Mar 31 13:36:03 CEST 2015


In my EXT I have some fields which are not representet directly in the 
database as there are:

image0, image1 and imagecaption0, imagecaption1

This images are NOT FAL images, I use the uploads folder instead.
in DB I'd like to have a CSV list.

The Form sends image1, image2 and the captions in separate fields, but 
the Domain does not have this fields.
-> Error, the property mapper fails.

I have read a lot about the property mapper but still have no idea how 
to work around my problem.

latest try was in

  * initialize create action
  * @return void
  * @dontvalidate image0
  * @dontvalidate image1
  * @dontvalidate imagecaption0
  * @dontvalidate imagecaption1
public function 
$newPrintitem) {
But this @dontvalidate does not help.

in the initializeCreateAction() I can see the submitted values.
How can I delete the helper Methods (image* and imagecaptioin*) and 
remap this field so that the createAction is satisfied.

So far i didn't find a suitable example in my brain/books/google :-(

Any help is welcome,


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