[TYPO3-english] Advice needed for creating a new version of an existing website

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Sat Mar 28 10:20:16 CET 2015

Am 28.03.2015 um 10:04 schrieb Mattia B:
> Hi, I'm very new with Typo3.
> I've been hired to build the new version of a website currently based 
> on typo3 4.2.x.
> All functionality currently implemented should also be available in 
> the new website.
> My job is to a) add some functionality and b) remake the website 
> graphics.
> I was evaluating the option of:
> - reusing the current codebase
> - update typo3 (and extensions) to 6.2
> - implement new functionality
> - remake the templates
> I'm encountering a lot of issues in upgrading.
> Particularly the fact that the website is currently depending on old 
> extensions (templavoilà, dam, ..).
> My questions are:
> - would it be better starting from scratch? (current website has a lot 
> of data which should be reimported/remapped somehow)
> - is 6.2 a good version to go with or is it already getting old?
> - in the case of reusing part of the current codebase is it feasible 
> to switch the template engine and what engine would you suggest?
> Any help greatly appreciated! 
Hi Mattia,

As I am currently porting a website from 4.2.6 to 6.2 as well, I take 
the liberty to answer here. It's right, many of the old extensions are 
not compatible with 6.2 - some can be dropped, others substituted, some 
work. The main difficulty I encountered though was to convert the 
database to the current version (both charsets and collations have to be 
converted to UTF-8).

Since the website graphics (I take this to be the layout) has to be made 
anew, it might in fact be easiest to start from scratch and just re-use 
the database so that the content doesn't get lost. Luckily, due to new 
features in the 6.2 version, I could get rid of many extensions that had 
been used. And yes, I would stay with 6.2 for the time being.




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