[TYPO3-english] GPvar only works when logged in?

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Fri Mar 27 08:17:37 CET 2015

Am 26.03.15 um 20:22 schrieb Scotty C:
> Hey everyone,
> Another day, another question :-P
> Pretty simple this time - I have a page with a URL:
> www.mydomain.ca/?553&temp_name=some_value
> The only TS code on PID 553 is:
> page = PAGEpage.10 = TEXTpage.10.data = GP : temp_name
> Now, it works perfectly ... when I'm logged into the backend. The second I logout, it doesn't work at all.
> Thoughts? (thanks again!)-Scott.

you are cought by cache.
as long as you are logged into BE no calls from your computer are 
cached. in the moment you call your page without that cookie the 
rendered page is cached and further calls get the cached content without 
if you have content which should not be cached you need to declare this.
page = PAGE
page {
	10 = COA_INT
	10 {
		10 = TEXT
		10.data = GP:temp_name

depending on your demands you may build up multiple var iants of your cache.

each combination of fe_usergroups is a condition casched separatedly.
each condition in your typoscript is a cache variant (typical: language 

your example:
page {
	10 = TEXT
	10.value = no condition
[globalVar = _GP:temp_name = test]
page.10.value = test condition
[globalVar = _GP:temp_name = live]
page.10.value = live condition

this only gives three variants and ignores any other value of your 


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