[TYPO3-english] [tinymce4_rte] Change the language of the interface

Jerome P portal.j at hotmail.fr
Mon Mar 23 02:50:16 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use tinyMCE 4 with TYPO3, so I installed the extensions tinymce and tinymce4_rte, and everything works perfectly.

But now I would like to modify the language used, and set it to fr_FR.
I added the following line inside the right JS configuration file (a copy of the file standard.js) for the tinymce4_rte extension :

But the interface is still in english, even after cleaning cache.
I've also read in the tinymce extension that the language can be set with tx_tinymce.prefLang ; but even when I added a plugin.tx_tinymce.prefLang=fr_FR in a TypoScript template, the interface language of tinyMCE 4 didn't change.

Did I do something wrong ?
Also, I know fr_FR is supported as I saw inside the tinymce extension a /Contrib/tinymce/langs/fr_FR.js file, but there is nothing like that for the tinymce4_rte extension ; is this a problem, or does it use the language files from the tinymce extension ?

Thanks in advance ^^

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