[TYPO3-english] To backend layout or not to backend layout that's the question?

"HocomAdvies [  Wiechert Hooghwinkel "HocomAdvies [  Wiechert Hooghwinkel
Fri Mar 20 13:52:09 CET 2015

Still did not manage to get this going. Looks like I am missing some important thing here? Anyone who has this working with including the files instead of creating a back-end layout? 

So there are two ways to create grid elements:

1. create them with the wizard (new -grid-element-record in a back end layouts folder) 
   Than also create a setup file which will be included through: 
   Template > Setup >template tools > setup
   Here the setup.ts file will be included

2. create a file and include that through the main-page > page properties > resources > Page TSConfig 
  <INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:fileadmin/Template/gridelements/2_columns/pageTSConfig.ts">
  And also include a setup.file as described above

So option 1. works, no problem there. 
Option 2 still does not work after several trials. The big question is why not? Any thoughts that can help me further solving this puzzle :)

Best regards,

Wiechert Hooghwinkel


> Op 19 mrt. 2015, om 17:04 heeft HocomAdvies [ 🌷 Wiechert Hooghwinkel ] <info at hocom-advies.nl> het volgende geschreven:
> What's the best way to find out if the PageTSconfig file is used / included anyway? So what's the best way to find out what I have done wrong here?
> Even the sample you referred me to, is not working. Do I need to change some config settings? 
> Regards
> Wiechert
>> Op 18 mrt. 2015, om 11:32 heeft Jo Hasenau <info at cybercraft.de> het volgende geschreven:
>> Am 17.03.2015 um 16:25 schrieb "HocomAdvies [ 🌷 Wiechert Hooghwinkel ]":
>>> Hi, seems that the documentation is not very clear. It does not mention "setup". Anyway I tried the sample from typo3blogger you mentioned but that one is also not showing up in the backend as new content element.
>> Maybe you are looking in the wrong place then, since these Gridelements setups don't show up as "new content element" but as a layout variant of a Gridelement.
>> You can see them in the Gridelements tab of the "New Content Element wizard" but not in the list of CTypes, since Gridelements itself is the CType, while the setup is just one possible layout for the container.
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