[TYPO3-english] Missing step from install to using typo3 ....

Peter Kühnlein peter at function2form.net
Fri Mar 20 13:05:03 CET 2015

Am 20.03.2015 um 12:37 schrieb Lee Wicks:
> I'm running Linux mint 12.
> I installed 'L' AMP ... and It Works!
> I followed the Typo3 Install instructions from here...
> and this is where I'm stuck ... after the basic install, the 
> instructions say run up the installer by ...  "your-site . example . 
> org/"  or "example  . com  / typo3 / install"
> How do I know my 'your-site' name because I've not created it yet ?!
> There's a gap in my understanding ... can someone help me with what I 
> have missed ?
> Thanks
> Newbie Lee
Hi Lee -

I guess you downloaded and unpacked a TYPO3 distribution? It should be 
called typo3_src-6.x.x (if you downloaded a 6.x.x distribution; don't 
use any earlier distribution). Rename that directory to whatever site 
name you are planning to have (probably without TLD). That's what you 
are looking for.

Cheers Peter



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